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Does cloud weigh? How Much?

Have clouds  any weight at all ? How can they, if they are floating in the air like a balloon filled with helium? If one tie a helium balloon to a kitchen scale it won’t register any weight, so why should a … Continue reading

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Rain Gardens: Natural Solution to Urban Water Pollution

Rain gardens are also known as recharge gardens.A rain garden is a planted depression that allows rainwater runoff from impervious urban areas like roofs, driveways, walkways, parking lots, and compacted lawn areas the opportunity to be absorbed. This reduces rain … Continue reading

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Rainiest Places

Cherrapunji, India Cherrapunji receives an annual rainfall of 1,270 cms. Here it rains so much for two reasons – Elevation: because of the elevation, air that blows over the plains below is cooled as it rises to the higher elevation. … Continue reading

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Pollution may hit Himalayan monsoon clouds

Higher levels of pollution in Asia may affect the formation of clouds high in the Himalayas, perhaps disrupting monsoons and speeding a thaw of glaciers, according to a study on Monday. The report, by scientists in France and Italy, found … Continue reading

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