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Originally posted on Dr. M. S. Chauhan:
वायुमंडल पृथ्वी को चारों ओर सैकड़ों किमी. की मोटाई में लपेटने वाले गैसीय आवरण को वायुमंडल कहते हैं। वायुमंडल गर्मी को रोककर रखने में एक विशाल ‘काँच घरÓ का काम करता है,जोलघु तरंगों…

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Boundary Currents and Western Intensification

Boundary currents are ocean currents with dynamics determined by the presence of a coastline, and are categorised into two distinct categories: western boundary currents and eastern boundary currents. Eastern boundary currents Eastern boundary currents are relatively shallow, broad and slow-flowing. … Continue reading

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Temperature Inversion and its Affects

Temperature inversion, a reversal of the normal behaviour of temperature in the troposphere (the region of the atmosphere nearest the Earth’s surface), in which a layer of cool air at the surface is overlain by a layer of warmer air. (Under normal … Continue reading

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Geostrophic Wind:A Theoretical Wind

The geostrophic wind is the theoretical wind that would result from an exact balance between the Coriolis effect and the pressure gradient force. This condition is called geostrophic balance. The geostrophic wind is directed parallel to isobars. This balance seldom … Continue reading

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