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Odour as a Pollution Agent : Methods to Control

Odour is  an important pollution agent. An odorant generally originates from a solid, a liquid, or a concentrated gas. Odour sources may be confined in space, like emission from ducts, or they may be unconfined, like drainage ditches, and settling … Continue reading

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Social Cost of Climate Change

Expert Consensus on the Economics of Climate Change (41 page pdf, Peter Howard and Derek Sylvan, Institute for Policy Integrity, New York University School of Law, Dec. 2015) Today we review a survey of 365 leading economists from around the … Continue reading

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Global Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Fossil Fuel Slowed Down

Amidst reports of alarming rise in pollution level in cities like Delhi and Lucknow in India, Science daily reports citing an  international research team’s report that the rapid increase in global carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels has slowed in … Continue reading

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Garbage in Aligarh

Parts of our cities have become garbage dump. Above is the snap of Jamalpur locality of Aligarh, India.

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