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Some Basic Facts about Maps from an Old Book

While reading an old book by Captain R.P.Cave found some easy and useful facts about maps and thought of  sharing with you all.Here they are: A map is a  representation on paper of a certain area of country. Fundamentally, a … Continue reading

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There’s more water on the moon

Recent moon missions have shown frozen water in shadowed craters on the moon’s surface, and ice under the gray dust. It could have been carried there by bits of comets as asteroids hitting the surface, however. A new study published … Continue reading

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Afghanistan is a Treasurehouse of Lithium

Afghanistan has nearly $1 trillion in mineral deposits, according to a study, but there are doubts the war-torn and graft-prone country can manage the windfall offered by the untapped riches.President Hamid Karzai said in January that the deposits could help … Continue reading

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