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NASA Rover Finds Clue of Mars’ Environment for Life

Rocks examined by NASA’s Spirit Mars Rover hold evidence of a wet, non-acidic ancient environment that may have been favorable for life. Confirming this mineral clue took four years of analysis by several scientists. full story

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Titan: Oasis For Life

Two teams of scientists reported last week that data from NASA’s Cassini orbiter reveal unusual chemical activity on Saturn’s giant moon Titan. It’s plausible, but far from definitive, that a primitive exotic form of life on Titan’s frigid surface could … Continue reading

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Brazil and Argentina to develop satellite

The Brazilian Space Agency (AEB) along with Comisión Nacional de Actividades Espaciales (CONAE) will develop, the Sabiá-Mar Satellite, for the global observation of the oceans and the monitoring of the Brazilian and Argentinean coastline as well. The joint initiative was … Continue reading

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