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Night-time temperatures could rise above 25C because of climate change

The number of sweltering nights when the temperature in cities stays above 20C (68F) and the elderly become vulnerable to heat exhaustion will increase fivefold because of climate change, a Met Office study has found. read here

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What happens if a hurricane hits the Gulf Oil Slick? (via Watts Up With That?)

Found it and thought of sharing it with you all. There's been a lot of worry and speculation over what will happen if a hurricane and the gulf oil spill collide. In response, the National Hurricane Center (NHC) has prepared … Continue reading

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Hurricane Season

The hurricane is an amazing yet destructive natural phenomenon that occurs about 40 to 50 times worldwide each year. Hurricane season takes place in the Atlantic, Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, and Central Pacific from June 1 to November 30 while … Continue reading

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Joshua Miele’s Maps for The Blind

Found this on map room , read it here

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