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Chinese Rover Yutu Analyzes New Rocks on Moon

The Chinese lunar rover, Yutu, photographed by its lander Chang’e-3, after the lander touched down in Mare Imbrium, a giant impact basin that had been filled by successive lava flows. Credit: CNsa/CLEP The Moon has a diversified body unlike Earth, … Continue reading

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The Age of the Moon and the Earth:They may be younger than originally thought

How old the Moon and Earth?  New research using a technique that measures the isotopes of lead and neodymium in lunar crustal rocks shows that the moon and Earth may be millions of years younger than originally thought.  The common … Continue reading

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ISRO finds cave in moon on analysis of Chandrayan-1 data

Scientists at the Indian Space Research Organization have discovered a giant underground chamber on the moon, which they feel could be used as a base by astronauts on future manned missions to moon.An analysis by an instrument on Chandrayaan-1 revealed … Continue reading

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Moon Have an Earth-Like Core

State-of-the-art seismological techniques applied to Apollo-era data suggest our moon has a core similar to Earth’s. Uncovering details about the lunar core is critical for developing accurate models of the moon’s formation. The data sheds light on the evolution of … Continue reading

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