Acid rain: One of the most important environmental problems

The term acid rain refers to what scientists call acid deposition.  It is caused by airborne acidic pollutants and has highly destructive results. Scientists first discovered acid rain in 1852, when the English chemist Robert Agnus invented the term.  From then until now, acid rain has been an issue of intense debate among scientists and policy makers.Acid rain, one of the most important environmental problems of all, cannot be seen.  The invisible gases that cause acid rain usually come from automobiles or coal-burning power plants.Acid rain moves easily, affecting locations far beyond those that let out the pollution.  As a result, this global pollution issue causes great debates between countries that fight over polluting each other’s environments.

For years, science studied the true causes of acid rain.  Some scientists concluded that human production was primarily responsible, while others cited natural causes as well.  Recently, more intensive research has been done so that countries have the information they need to prevent acid rain and its dangerous effects. The levels of acid rain vary from region to region.  In Third World nations without pollution restrictions, acid rain tends to be very high.  In Eastern Europe, China, and the Soviet Union, acid rain levels have also risen greatly.  However, because acid rain can move about so easily, the problem is definitely a global one.


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4 Responses to Acid rain: One of the most important environmental problems

  1. Adam says:

    Hello Rahid,

    Excellent article. Thank you. I am going to be doing an article on Acid Rain. Do you mind if I link back to this post as a referance?



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  3. burn says:

    hello, you have a nice article and informative. I could use this in my lesson.


  4. Anast says:

    salam Rashid…it’s an informative & useful blog especially for people who might need to gain their knowledge….

    Thank you for the good info & hope you won’t mind my linking your post to my blog…

    again thank you…


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