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Satellite Mapping of Buildings to Augment Land Records in Delhi,India

 Delhi Development Authority (DDA) of capital of India has embarked on a project to prepare digital maps of all its land.The land of  DDA is spread over an area of more than 70,000 acres . Delhi has changed drastically in … Continue reading

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River Capture

After streams have started their journey and finally plunge into the ocean  many things may happen. One of these happenings is the river capture or stream piracy. River capture is  very common  in such regions as are characterized by folded … Continue reading

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Mass Movement/Mass wasting/Slope Movement

When the gravitational force acting on a slope exceeds its resisting force, slope failure (mass wasting) occurs. The slope material’s strength and cohesion and the amount of internal friction between material help maintain the slope’s stability and are known collectively … Continue reading

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ISRO’s Road Map :Moon, Mars and, 56 other Missions and Navigation System in Next Five Years

ISRO plans to launch 58 space missions, including sending spacecraft to moon and Mars, an exclusive satellite to keep a round-the-clock watch on the country and deploy 500 transponders in the next five years. It also aims to deploy its … Continue reading

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