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Parasitic Fold

Parasitic fold is a little fold sitting on a major fold. Image Link

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Diastrophism, also called tectonism, large-scale deformation of Earth’s crust by natural processes, which leads to the formation of continents and ocean basins, mountain systems, plateaus, rift valleys, and other features by mechanisms such as lithospheric plate movement ( plate tectonics), volcanic loading, or folding. All processes that move, elevate or … Continue reading

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Oh!! Islands Are Dissolving from Within in Hawai

Soil erosion is the primary force that levels mountains, but now geologists have found that Oahu’s mountains are dissolving from within due to groundwater. Forecasting the island’s future also needs to account for plate tectonics. As Oahu is pushed northwest, … Continue reading

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River Capture

After streams have started their journey and finally plunge into the ocean  many things may happen. One of these happenings is the river capture or stream piracy. River capture is  very common  in such regions as are characterized by folded … Continue reading

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