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1951 : All Of The World’s Glaciers Melting – Some Have Disappeared

Originally posted on Real Science:
Don’t scoff when you hear an old timer say: “Summers are hot- ter than they used to be.” This remark could once have been classed with “Stairs are steeper than they used to be,” and…

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Reassuring News:Greenland’s Ice Melting Not As Fast As Expected

A new study has some reassuring news. Greenland’s glaciers hold  water to raise sea level by 20 feet, and they are melting as the planet warms, so there’s a lot to worry. A few years ago, the Jakobshavn glacier in … Continue reading

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Siachen:World’s Highest Battleground

 Siachen glacier  is billed as the world’s highest combat zone, but atrocious weather conditions have claimed more lives than actual fighting. The 77-kilometre-long (48-mile) glacier traverses the Line of Control, the de facto border separating Indian- and Pakistan-controlled Kashmir, at … Continue reading

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Melting Ice on Arctic Islands a Major Player in Sea Level Rise

Melting glaciers and ice caps on Canadian Arctic islands play a much greater role in sea level rise than scientists previously thought, according to a new study led by a University of Michigan researcher. The United Nations projects that the … Continue reading

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