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We can’t rely on individuals to fix climate change as We are placing the blame on wrong place

Tegan wrote a great piece here. Sharing it for you all   The other day I saw a tweet that had escaped its platform of birth to become a Facebook meme. I can’t find it, but it said something like: … Continue reading

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Migration and Culture: How they Affect Each Other?

Culture is  the way of life shared by a group of people, including the way they obtain food, the way they raise their children, their values, beliefs, language customs and religion. Differences in Cultures Include… Language Religious beliefs Celebrations, holidays, … Continue reading

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Types of Bar Graph: What is a Bar Graph Used For

What is a Bar Graph Used For A bar graph (also known as a bar chart or bar diagram) is a visual tool that uses bars to compare data among categories. A bar graph may run horizontally or vertically. The … Continue reading

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Rebuild the Roman Forum

Originally posted on Architecture Here and There:
Model of the Forum as it looked at the height of the empire. (Museum of Roman Civilization) Last October I described a master’s thesis on how to plan for a restoration of the…

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