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Fog in Month of March in Aligarh!!

There was Dense Fog in Aligarh yesterday night. Normally there is no fog in this month. May it is due to climate change!!!

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The Montreal Protocol Saved the Arctic From Global Warming: Claim

It is claimed that the Montreal Protocol Actually save the Arctic read here

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We can’t rely on individuals to fix climate change as We are placing the blame on wrong place

Tegan wrote a great piece here. Sharing it for you all   The other day I saw a tweet that had escaped its platform of birth to become a Facebook meme. I can’t find it, but it said something like: … Continue reading

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California Current

The California Current is a Pacific Ocean current that moves southward along the western coast of North America, beginning off southern British Columbia and ending off southern Baja California Peninsula. It is one of five major coastal currents affiliated with upwelling … Continue reading

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