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Magnets of Social Exclusion

Social exclusion is the process in which individuals or people are systematically blocked from (or denied full access to) various rights, opportunities and resources that are normally available to members of a different group, and which are fundamental to social … Continue reading

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Migration and Culture: How they Affect Each Other?

Culture is  the way of life shared by a group of people, including the way they obtain food, the way they raise their children, their values, beliefs, language customs and religion. Differences in Cultures Include… Language Religious beliefs Celebrations, holidays, … Continue reading

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Early Roads : History of Transport

In early times roads were used for transporting people and goods. People walked or used animals. Roads were tracks or traces that often used or paralleled game trails. Roads also were and are careers of ideas. One example that still … Continue reading

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Clan, Gotra and Tribe

Concept of Clan, Gotra and Tribes A clan is a group of people united by actual or perceived kinship and descent. Even if lineage details are unknown, clan members may be organized around a founding member or apical ancestor. The … Continue reading

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