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Galloping Horses at AMU

   We were proud witness  to the great tradition and annual event of MURC . There we saw majestic horses Galloping. Muslim University Riding Club (MURC) established as M.A.O College riding school is one of the  oldest clubs of the Aligarh Muslim … Continue reading

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Tourism in Incredible India-Manipur: The Jewelled Land

The name Manipur itself means ‘a jewelled land’ . It is a perfect destination for nature lovers. Due to its breathtaking beauty, situated amidst blue hills and green blankets, Manipur is popularly known as ‘Switzerland of India’. The state boats … Continue reading

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Migration and Its Impact on Cities : A Report

The World Economic Forum has released a report taking a deep dive on migration and cities, exploring the types, causes and patterns of migration, the most affected corridors and cities, the impact on urban infrastructure and services, the solutions that … Continue reading

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The Gravity Model of Migration

The gravity model of migration is a model in urban geography derived from Newton’s law of gravity, and used to predict the degree of interaction between two places. Newton’s law states that: “Any two bodies attract one another with a force that is proportional to … Continue reading

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