In a landmark ruling, India bans dolphinariums, Part Two

Echoes in the Mist



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The threat to the dolphins in India goes back much further though.  In a very tragic turn of events, in 1998, a dolphinarium, Dolphin City, actually was set up in Chennai. CPREEC, Dr. Nanditha Krishna’s organization, and Blue Cross of India, of which Dr. Chinny Krishna was the Co-Founder and, at that time also the Vice Chairman, worked tirelessly to oppose it.


Very sadly, the three dolphins who had been imported from Bulgaria and brought to the Chennai dolphinarium, died within a few short months.  The dolphinarium denied that they had died, and the show went on with only sea lions.


In reply to all questions, their story was that the dolphins were okay, and would soon be performing “when they were alright.”  Dr. Chinny Krishna, of Blue Cross, persisted in telling the truth about the fate…

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