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Sustainability: How can we achieve it? Part I

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Geographical Facts about Great Britain

Guest Post by Afzal Zaheer Great Britain is regarded to be the largest island in Europe. The place has various interesting as well as mind-blowing facts which you would have never heard before. Great Britain is the ninth largest island … Continue reading

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Living with livestock, and livestock livings, in the city

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Goat in Nairobi slum (photo on Flickr by The Advocacy Project). ‘. . . [L]et’s consider what it means to raise urban livestock in the developing world, where people are poorer and hungrier, and cities…

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Black Hole Powered Jets Plow Into Galaxy

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X-ray: NASA / CXC/SAO / A.Siemiginowska et al; Optical: NASA / STScI; Radio: NSF / NRAO / VLA This composite image of a galaxy illustrates how the intense gravity of a supermassive black hole can be…

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