Why predicting tsunami is hard?

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Guest Post by Afzal Zaheer

It is indeed a herculean task to predict tsunami on the lines of Earthquake.  However, efforts are being made towards minimizing death and destruction.

There have been earthquakes in the past and who can forget 9.1magnitude of earthquake which struck off the coast of northern Sumatra in Indonesia.

The Tsunami which followed later on was the worst. It resulted in huge death and destruction as 230,000 people lost their lives while many got injured and still others turned homeless.

However, it made the concerned authorities aware about the impending danger of Tsunami after the earthquake.

However, on the other hand, 8.6 magnitude of earthquake which struck off the coast of Sumatra, luckily did not cause any death and destruction. Thus, it signals the complexity of predicting Tsunami for sure. Isn’t it?

How tsunami is generated?

When the Earth’s crust beneath the sea is disrupted on…

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