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Caste System: Its’ Life & Birth

Originally posted on 2ndlook:
How real is the caste system? 100 years of a hoax Strangely, one British hoax that has not been called out, even sixty-five years after independence, is the creation of the caste-system narrative. While many Indians…

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World’s rarest mammals, amphibians on new map

Originally posted on Dear Kitty. Some blog:
https://youtu.be/bgZlVMlogck This 18 September 2018 video from Singapore says about itself: Sandshrew the Sunda Pangolin released back to the wild Sunda pangolins like Sandshrew – named after a Pokemon character – will receive…

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advert – Journal of Urban Cultural Studies [and other new Intellect journals]

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Finalizing material for issue 1.1, and working on 1.2!

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Mass evacuation in Bangladesh and Myanmar ahead of Tropical Cyclone Mahasen

Originally posted on Family Survival Protocol – Microcosm News:
THE WATCHERS WATCHING THE WORLD EVOLVE AND TRANSFORM Posted by Chillymanjaro on May 15, 2013 Tropical Cyclone Mahasen (01B) is now centered several hundred miles south of Kolkata, India, and will…

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