In a landmark ruling, India bans dolphinariums, Part One

Echoes in the Mist



“The sun was shining. The dolphins were like silver and gold streaks, jumping up out of the ocean, near the boat. They have synchronized movements, and they jumped together, making great arcs in the shape of a bow.  Their sheer beauty was amazing.  It was beautiful.  They’re so innocent.  How could anyone mistreat them?”

Dr. Nanditha Krishna recalled seeing dolphins in the wild, in the Andaman Sea, when she was traveling by ship from Singapore back to Chennai, India. She was captivated by them, and it is a memory that has stayed with her.  Dr. Nanditha Krishna is the Honorary Director of the CPR Environmental and Education Centre (CPREEC). Dr. Chinny Krishna, who has devoted his life to the wellbeing of animals, serves as the Vice-Chairman of the Animal Welfare Board of India.

Just this month, in an outstanding victory for dolphins, India has banned dolphinariums from being set…

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