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To Do List During a Gap Year

Guest Post by  Hazel Taylor A “gap year,” sometimes called a “deferred year,” refers to the time period a student now has on their hands as a result of deferring admission after being accepted to the college of their choice. … Continue reading

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Blooms Of Ocean Plant Life Discovered in NASA Oceanographic Expedition

NASA Scientists have made a biological discovery in Arctic Ocean waters as dramatic and unexpected as finding a rainforest in the middle of a desert. A NASA-sponsored expedition punched through three-foot thick sea ice to find waters richer in phtoplanktons, … Continue reading

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India Going to Launch first Dedicated Millitary Satellite Rohini for Armed Forces

India is set to launch first-ever dedicated military satellite, Rohini, within a month. It is a naval surveillance and communications one, as part of their long-standing quest to effectively harness the final frontier of space, Times of India reported. In … Continue reading

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