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Originally posted on Progressive Geographies:
In San Diego this weekend, but with live stream. D:GP is a think-tank focused on how planetary scale computation transforms political geography and models of sovereignty, as seen through the lens of speculative art and…

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Originally posted on The Skeptical Teenager:
Hello there skeptics, This month, June (its June on Australia already, so I’m celebrating), is marking a very special occasion. It was 120 years ago that Hendrik Lorentz published his paper, which is now…

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Educational Institutions Creatively Using Mobile Technology

 Guest Post by Kaitlyn Cole Seeing as how mobile devices and related technologies have completely overtaken a good chunk of society already, naturally the education sector has followed suit. Oddly enough, though, smartphones, social media, tablet computers, and other hallmarks … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Wanderlustress:
As long as we’re doling out tons of AFAR love, I’ve been wanting to share with you my photos of the Sossusvlei Dessert in Namibia that I’ve posted for their “highlights”. The theme for these photo entries…

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