India Going to Launch first Dedicated Millitary Satellite Rohini for Armed Forces

India is set to launch first-ever dedicated military satellite, Rohini, within a month. It is a naval surveillance and communications one, as part of their long-standing quest to effectively harness the final frontier of space, Times of India reported.

In addition, the Government of India recently announced a new post of Assistant Chief of Naval Staff (ACNS -communications, space and network-centric operations) at the Navy head-quarters. Rear Admiral Kishan K Pandey, a communications and electronic warfare specialist, had taken over as the new ACNS (CSNCO) in keeping with its endeavour to transform from a “platform-centric Navy” to a “network-enabled Navy”.The 2,330-kg naval satellite is supposed to have an around 1,000 nautical mile footprint over Indian Ocean, stretching from Red Sea to Malacca Strait, to ensure “network-centric operations” and “maritime domain awareness”. It will enable the Navy to network all its warships, submarines and aircraft with operational centres ashore through high-speed data-links.

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