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Satellite imagery to track illegal constructions in Panaji,India

Satellite imagery to monitor illegal constructions, authoritative translation of colonial-era Portuguese laws into English and stricter implementation of the doctrine of separation of powers are some of the recommendations made by the Goa law commission.Speaking to reporters in Panaji, the … Continue reading

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Climate change turning seas acid

Climate change is turning the oceans more acid in a trend that could endanger everything from clams to coral and be irreversible for thousands of years, national science academies said .Seventy academies from around the world urged governments meeting in … Continue reading

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Satellite Detects Red Glow To Map Global Ocean Plant Health

Researchers from Oregon State University, NASA and other organizations said today that they have succeeded for the first time in measuring the physiology of marine phytoplankton through satellite measurements of its fluorescence – an accomplishment that had been elusive for … Continue reading

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