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Dinosaurs May Have Been Smaller Than Previously Thought

The largest animals ever to have walked the face of the earth may not have been as big as previously thought, reveals a paper published  in the Zoological Society of London’s Journal of Zoology.Scientists have discovered that the original statistical … Continue reading

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Volcano Photo Reveals Shock Wave

Amazing new picture from space reveals a volcanic eruption in its earliest stage, with a huge plume of ash and steam billowing skyward and creating a shock wave in the atmosphere.The new photo was taken June 12 from the International … Continue reading

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Vietnam will Launch Second Man Made Satellite In 2012

Vietnam will launch the country’s second man-made satellite in 2012.The satellite, called VNREDSat-1, is of small size and low orbit. It will be used to monitor and take picture of the earth surface of different sizes and types and provide … Continue reading

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