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Aerial Photography: A Brief History

Aerial imaging or aerial photography means taking images of the surface of the earth from an elevated position this can be done using different platforms which includes satellites drones, airplanes and other platforms. This was not always the case before … Continue reading

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History of Aerial Photography

The first real Aerial photograph was taken around 1826. The first aerial photograph was taken in 1858 by Felix Tournachon, known as Nadar, from a tethered balloon over the Bievre Valley in France. Those photographs no longer exist. The oldest surviving aerial … Continue reading

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Concept and Applications of Digital Elevation Model (DEM)

A digital elevation model (DEM) is a digital model or 3D representation of a terrain’s surface — commonly for a planet (including Earth), moon, or asteroid — created from terrain elevation data. In most cases the term digital surface model represents the earth’s surface and includes … Continue reading

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Agreement on IRS Satellite Data Between India and Brazil (link)

India and Brazil signed an agreement recently which would allow the Brazilian earth stations to receive and process data from Indian Remote Sensing satellites (IRS). The financial terms of the agreement states that INPE will, with its own regular budgetary … Continue reading

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