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Electric Currents from Space

When a bright aurora is seen in the auroral zone, a strong magnetic disturbance is usually also observed there. The disturbing magnetic field can be much stronger than that of a magnetic storm but it is strictly local, fading away … Continue reading

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Magnetic Storms

The term “magnetic storm,” meaning a world-wide magnetic disturbance, was coined by Alexander von Humboldt (1769-1859). A naturalist who gained attention by exploring the jungles of Venezuela, Humboldt devoted much of his life to the promotion of science. He produced five … Continue reading

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How does water pollution occur?

Water covers 71% of the earth’s surface and makes up 65 % of our bodies. Everyone wants clean water– to drink, for recreation, and just to enjoy looking at. If water becomes polluted, its loses its value to us economically … Continue reading

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Reefs in India

z GULF OF KACHCHH The Gulf of Kachchh reefs (22º15`-23º40`N; 68º20`-70º40`E) are the northernmost of India. The coral growth occurs in the form of fringing reefs on the wave-cut sandstone banks around 32 islands among the 42 that adjoin the … Continue reading

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