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Brazilians And Indians:The Most Environment Friendly

A survey conducted by National Geographic magazine and polling agency Globalscan have revealed Indians and Brazilians to be the most environment friendly and Americans to the most polluting in the world. India and Brazil have been awarded 60 green index … Continue reading

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Surface to Bottom: A Connected World

It is common for people to think that the ocean is composed of separate entities (surface, mid-water, and bottom) that are completely independent of one other. But in fact, these ocean environments may be interconnected in a variety of ways. … Continue reading

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Eutrophication is a syndrome of ecosystem responses to human activities that fertilize water bodies with nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P), often leading to changes in animal and plant populations and degradation of water and habitat quality. Nitrogen and phosphorus are … Continue reading

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The Living Ocean Ecosytem

Much about the oceans is still not known: widespread weather and climate measurements for the atmosphere go back 150 years, but scientists have only been systematically monitoring ocean temperatures for about 50 years (although ice-sheet cores and deep-sea sediments provide … Continue reading

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