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Atolls are circular, oval, or horseshoe-shaped arrays of coral reef islands that are perched around an oceanic volcanic seamount and encircle a shallow central lagoon. The small islands are separated from each other by channels that lead from the sea … Continue reading

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PROFILE OFFICIAL NAME: Republic of Maldives Geography Area: 298 sq. km. (115 sq. mi.), over 1,100 islands; twice the size of Washington, DC. Cities: Capital–Male’ (pop. 70,000). Terrain: Flat islands. Climate: Hot and humid. People Nationality: Noun and adjective–Maldivian(s). Population: … Continue reading

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What Causes Earthquakes?

Have you ever felt the ground shake as a herd of elephants stampeded by? Has your mom ever told you that you sound (and feel!) like a herd of elephants because you are making the whole house shake? Is that … Continue reading

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Prediction of Earthquakes

Can earthquakes be predicted? Many seismologists would probably answer, “Not yet, but eventually.” But to date, nobody has been able to predict earthquakes reliably enough and over short enough time scales to allow the evacuation of threatened cities. Some scientists … Continue reading

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