GPS – Leading the way

Go left or is it right? If you are afraid to ask, you can depend on these GPS devices.
GPS - Leading the way
New Delhi: Global positioning system (GPS) devices have begun making inroads, although the progress is slower than one would expect in India.

The recent additions to the list include MapmyIndia’s navigator and SatNav’s personal navigation device (PND). Both the devices claim to provide turn-by-turn navigation, besides sporting an average music player, an image viewer, and a calculator (for reasons best known to the company).

MapmyIndia’s navigator is primarily a small form factor device that uses the SiRF star III chipset, which is a mark of quality for pulling in the sometimes-tough satellite signals.

Priced at Rs 21,000 for the Delhi and NCR region and Rs 22,000 for rest of the country, MapmyIndia’s device might look pricey but nonetheless a must-have gadget for all those who hate taking roadside directions.

There are two models introduced by MapmyIndia, Delphi NAV200 and AMAX 06GP5A. The NAV200 comes equipped with maps connecting 55,000 villages and town points, 150 cities and 18 major cities containing complete set of streets, localities, sub-localities and landmarks.

The NAV200 can take up to 2GB SD memory card as opposed to the usual 1GB found on competing products.

This extra memory enables the NAV200 to store 200,000 points of interest (POIs). Now, the disadvantage is that the NAV200 fills the card almost completely with data, leaving you only about 60-90MB for your music/pictures/movies.

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