Delhi to have intelligent traffic system by 2010

The capital’s traffic system is in for a major overhaul before the Commonwealth Games in 2010, with Delhi Police planning to put in place an IT-driven Intelligent Traffic System (ITS) which will monitor and streamline vehicular movement.

Dedicated lanes for athletes for traveling from Games village to various venues, live monitoring of vehicular flow, installation of ”intelligent” cameras at intersections — police believe this state-of-the-art system will help them solve the problems of congestion.

The capital’s police has already identified 55 major roads, measuring 217.96 km, and about 200 intersections to be covered under the system which could provide better solutions for traffic management.

”The ‘Intelligent Traffic System’ proposes to provide IT-driven solutions for the management of traffic in view of the Commonwealth Games which will be held two years later,” a senior police official said.

Day and night online monitoring of traffic on roads and intersections will be the main thrust of the ITS using high resolution cameras, the official said, adding road events like cycling, marathon and walkathon also require close monitoring.

”Athletes and games family would be provided dedicated lane to ensure hassle free movement from the village to training venues, hotels and other places of tourist interest,” he said.

A software would be developed for analysing video from the camera for definite incident detections and its management, the police official said, adding cameras would have the capacity of reading the registration number in Indian conditions.

The system could also identify disasters or accidents and response thereon, he added.

According to the official, the ITS will be helpful in ensuring and monitoring the movement of athletes, officials and visitors as it helps in the professional management of traffic in the city.

The ITS also envisages setting up of centralised command and control centre with facility of online real time display on video wall slides.

The video wall should be able to indicate the volume of traffic on the roads, flagging of accidents, availability of traffic police vehicles on GPS and vehicle-tracking system.

The official said the road network in the capital measures up to 31,083 kms and is managed through 701 signalised traffic junctions and 458 minor traffic blinkers.

The proposed ITS system will incorporate the existing infrastructure, the official said, adding a mechanism will be put in place to monitor and control traffic from regional and central traffic control room

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