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Natural Disasters: Cyclones

  Cyclonic-force winds may be encountered all over the globe, but it is only above the warm seas of the tropics that a ripple of instability in the air can become a genuine cyclone, the deepest of all low-pressure weather … Continue reading

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Cyclones and Anticyclones

Cyclones and Anticyclones Cyclones are areas of low pressure. Cyclones usually exhibit nearly circular isobars. If isobars are oblong or elongate with the lowest pressure near the center we call them troughs. As air enters an area of low pressure … Continue reading

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The United Kingdom Environmental Change Network Anticyclones (High Pressure)   Areas of sinking air which result in high pressure are called anticyclones.   The opposite to an anticyclone is the cyclone or depression.  High pressure systems have low pressure gradients … Continue reading

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BrahMos cruise missile test fired for 15th time

  Thursday, 06 March , 2008, 08:04   New Delhi: The BrahMos supersonic cruise missile that India and Russia have jointly developed was successfully launched for the 15th time on Wednesday – and for the first time from a naval … Continue reading

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