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Ocean Conveyor Belt

Warming Could Slow Ocean Currents Larry O’Hanlon, Discovery News March 1, 2007 — There is both good and bad news about the conveyor belt of heat-moving currents in the North Atlantic Ocean.A new study of 17 different climate models concludes … Continue reading

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Microsoft’s Telescope

A source close to Microsoft says theThe service will be accessed through a downloadable application – Windows only for now is what we hear. Users will be able to pan around the nighttime sky and zoom as far in to … Continue reading

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Interesting Books on Urban Studies

there are some interesting books which i came across click here

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Agrobiodiversity and Germplasm Preservation

Agrobiodiversity The genetic base of the world’s food crops is shrinking as genetic resources are being lost to changing tastes, industrialization, urbanization, mechanization of farming, and commercialization of agriculture. Conservation and use of biodiversity is central to research on the … Continue reading

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