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Polymetallic Nodules

MANGANESE (OR POLYMETALLIC) NODULES: Increasing global population, demand for metals and dwindling land resources, has come to such a pass that the next alternative source for the metals could be in the world oceans. Oceans are considered as a ‘warehouse’ … Continue reading

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Natural Resources: Definition and Classification

Natural resources are naturally occurring substances that are considered valuable in their relatively unmodified (natural) form. A natural resource’s value rests in the amount of the material available and the demand for it. The latter is determined by its usefulness … Continue reading

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Why Does Earth’s Magnetic Field Flip?

Earth’s magnetic field has flipped many times over the last billion years, according to the geologic record. But only in the past decade have scientists developed and evolved a computer model to demonstrate how these reversals occur. “We can see … Continue reading

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