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Bugyals: Enchanting Indian Meadows

Bugyals are alpine pasture lands, or meadows, in higher elevation range between 3,300 metres and 4,000 metres  of the Himalayas in Uttarakhand, India where they are called “nature’s own gardens”. Here the topography  is either flat or sloped. The surface of these bugyals … Continue reading

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India’s Own GPS in the Making:A Big Leap-First Satellite Launched

India  launched the first stage of its domestic satellite navigation network which will eventually provide services both to civilians and the military and is similar to the US Global Positioning System. The first of seven satellites was carried into space … Continue reading

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Earthquakes Deposit Gold in Fault Zones by Flash Evaporation

Gold deposits may be created in a flash. Along fault zones deep within Earth’s crust, small cavities filled with fluids rich in dissolved substances such as gold and silicate minerals can grow suddenly to as much as 130,000 times their … Continue reading

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Ley Farming or Alternate Husbandry:An Ecofriendly System

Ley farming is an agricultural system where the field is alternately seeded for grain and left fallow. Another name for the method is “alternate husbandry”. In ley farming, the field is alternately used for grain or other cash crops for … Continue reading

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