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Urban Poverty

Increasing poverty is biggest challenge to the metropolitan economies. The urban poor who were 16 million in 1971-73 have increased to 8.3 million in 1987-88. There is a slight increase in the incidence of poverty between 1973-74 and 1977-78 followed … Continue reading

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Origin of Carpets

It is as yet difficult to point out where and when did the first carpet and the art of carpet making originated, the general areas demarcated where the carpets may have been first produced are the Persia (Iran), Turkmenistan, central … Continue reading

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Urban Environmental Concerns in India

 Recent concern for the environment is not only due to natural phenomenon, but the urban, technological fall-outs, which has made people more aware of the environmental issues and their quality. Population beyond the multiple times of the sustaining capacity has … Continue reading

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