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Peopling Process of India: Technology and Occupational Change

India is a country remarkable for its diversity; biological and human. The biological diversity owes itself to the country’s position at the trijunction of the African, the northern Eurasian and the Oriental realm; its great variety of environmental regimes, and … Continue reading

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An Overview of Inter-linkage of Migration and Tourism

MIGRATION is of many types: temporary and permanent; between and within countries; legal and illegal; forced or voluntary; to cities or suburbs; for tourism or to escape persecution; for economic gain or at the point of a gun; daily commuting … Continue reading

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Ethnoburbs: New Faces of Changing Settlement Dynamics

As urbanism is a new way of life in the fast urbanising world, many new settlement systems are emerging.An ethnoburb is such a type. An ethnoburb is a suburban residential as well as business area with a notable cluster of a particular ethnic minority population. Although … Continue reading

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