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Designing Cities for Migrants

Migration is a natural human phenomenon. There are more than 175 million migrants in the world today. People leave their countries for many reasons, including war and civil conflict, the desire for economic improvement, family reunification and environmental degradation. Migration … Continue reading

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Migration Theories: Stouffer’s Theory of Mobility

S.A. Stouffer, an American sociologist, introduced one such modification in the gravity model. Stouffer formulated his inter­vening opportunity model in 1940, and claimed that there is no necessary relationship between mobility and distance (Stouffer, 1940:846). Instead, the observed decline in … Continue reading

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Migration and Its Impact on Cities : A Report

The World Economic Forum has released a report taking a deep dive on migration and cities, exploring the types, causes and patterns of migration, the most affected corridors and cities, the impact on urban infrastructure and services, the solutions that … Continue reading

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The Gravity Model of Migration

The gravity model of migration is a model in urban geography derived from Newton’s law of gravity, and used to predict the degree of interaction between two places. Newton’s law states that: “Any two bodies attract one another with a force that is proportional to … Continue reading

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