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Evolution of Animals and Plants is Happening in Cities Also

Most naturalists regard cities anti-nature—sterile wastelands of concrete and steel. But evolutionary biologist Menno Schilthuizen, author of Darwin Comes to Town, takes the opposite view: Urban environments are in fact “powerhouses of evolution,” where animals as diverse as blackbirds and bobcats are adapting to … Continue reading

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Americans Lived on a Land Bridge for Thousands of year

It was believed that the Americas were populated by humans crossing from Siberia to Alaska across a land bridge was first proposed as far back as 1590, and has been generally accepted since the 1930s. But  evidence  from DNA studies shows … Continue reading

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Reconstruction of Noah’s Ark

The Ark Park is open for business, and yes, the Ark contains dinosaurs (baby ones, of course!). Bill Nye visited, and was prayed for by Ken Ham. I’m hoping the enterprise will fail, for it’s all about lies and propagandizing … Continue reading

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Study of Paleogeographic Regions Through Maps

 Paleogeographic regions are the geographic regions which existed in ancient time. The study of these regions show us a glimpse of evolution of earth and life on earth.They help us to trace back the evolution process.They give us an account … Continue reading

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