Growth of Satellite Towns in India

India’s Urban realm is expanding. Expansion of cities gives rise to residential satellites depending on the main city.

Three Main Characteristics of Satellite Towns:

(a) Workers of satellite-town have to come to work in the central town because it is the central town which guarantees a certain number of services,

(b) The satellite town reciprocally provides facilities for holidaying and relaxation, and

(c) There is found easy and frequent transport and communication between the two.

Around Delhi, there are urban centres performing the services of satellites, e.g., Ghaziabad, Bahadurgarh, Gurgaon, Sonepat, and Faridabad. Similarly, Kolkata encompasses number of urban centres of the surrounding area.

They are closely linked and have become centres for service activity. Some of these satellites may be counted as Kalyani, Barrackpur, Jadavpur, Bansdrori. Purba Putiary, Gobindapur and Sutanuti also form the status of satellites. Tollygunge and several peripheral towns are closely linked with the city. Kanchanpura, Nabapally, Halisahar, Ishapure are towns other than satellites of the conur­bation.

Satellites differ from suburbs in that they are separated from the central city by many miles. They have little daily commuting but their economic activities are closely geared to those of the central city. Suburbs are primarily joined with the central city for commuting to or from the city. The idea of centrality comes into play in a big way.

Growths of automobiles and commuter rail lines in metropolises have stimulated suburbanization. Kolkata encompasses a number of urban centres which are satellites on the Hooghly side. They are distinctly attached economically with the Kolkata conur­bation.

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