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Waterways, Persons & Rights

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The free-flowing Baker River in Chile’s Patagonia region. Permits for a major hydroelectric project on the waterway were revoked in 2014 amid protests. LOUIS VEST/FLICKR Dams in Patagonia are the gift that keep on giving, in terms…

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Happy Independence Day, India:Lets be free of our Brakes

Happy Independence Day Lets be free of our Brakes Lets be free of Hatred Intolerance Mistrust Envy Gender Discrimination Illiteracy Female Illiteracy Indecision Policy Paralysis May our Flag Fly High Lets  create hope

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Basic Approaches to Study of Settlement Geography

In approaching a subject for the first time it is useful to begin by obtaining an overview of the main conceptual approaches, themes, and issues that comprise the field Each subject has a need for systematic rules, methods, techniques & … Continue reading

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The fight against fraud in peer review

We’ve all heard about fake news. Now we have deceptive scholarship. Derek Pyne, a Thompson Rivers University economist, is among the global academics determined to expose deceptive academic journals, sometimes at a risk to their careers. A determined B.C. economics … Continue reading

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