Galloping Horses at AMU



 We were proud witness  to the great tradition and annual event of MURC . There we saw majestic horses Galloping. Muslim University Riding Club (MURC) established as M.A.O College riding school is one of the  oldest clubs of the Aligarh Muslim university. The players of the club have also featured in the London magazine in 1974. MURC is the only riding club in a university in India.It also has a strong 19 member riding squad. The club is open for both the sexes.

It was 129th Annual Horse Show of MURC. The riding club at AMU is oldest and perhaps the only riding club amongst Indian universities as told .

The club also publishes an annual magazine ‘Equestre’.

The club started when Sir Syed Ahmad Khan asked some landlords to send their horses to the college, so that the students could learn the art of horsemanship. The proposal was accepted and horse riding started in 1889. Nawab Mohd. Ismail Khan Sherwani laid the foundation of the riding club, and also presented four horses. A formal riding school was founded in 1893, at the suggestion of Theodore Morison.Rs 5 was charged from each student and Rs 3 who brought their own horses at the start of the riding school.

A detailed account can be  found here.

Here is the video


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