Tourism in Incredible India-Manipur: The Jewelled Land

The name Manipur itself means ‘a jewelled land’ . It is a perfect destination for nature lovers. Due to its breathtaking beauty, situated amidst blue hills and green blankets, Manipur is popularly known as ‘Switzerland of India’.

The state boats of rich cultural heritage and soul captivating landscape. Culture is India’s main USP for tourism.The  lakes, dense forests, and blooming valleys make Manipur a paradise on Earth. Manipur has amazing alpine forests and is a home to nearly 500 varieties of orchids out of which 472 are identified.

In order to reach Manipur you can take flights to Imphal which is the capital and has the second largest airport in North East. The railway is in the making process for Manipur but you can take trains for Dimapur in Nagaland which is the nearest station.

Here are the top places of Manipur which are must see.

The capital of Manipur is beatiful. Being located at the center of Manipur, it is surrounded with lush, dewy valleys and vibrant green hills.  It is the leading tourist destination in Manipur. The popular places to visit in Imphal are Loktak Lake, Red Hill Lokpaching, Kangla Fort, Sirohi National Park, Manipur State Museum, Sekta Archaeological Living Museum, Manipur Zoological Gardens, Keibul Lam Jao National Park, Jama Masjid, Shree Govindajee Temple, Khonghampat Orchidarium and Matai Garden

Loktak Lake
It is located near Moirang and is the largest freshwater lake in North East India. It is famous for the phumdis or decomposed plants floating over it. The lake dwellers live on these for real. You can tour the lake through the boating facility and can also spot exotic species of birds, flora and fauna. The lake is a source of hydropower, irrigation, and drinking water for the locals. Phumdis are great attraction of this lake.

Keibul Lamjao National Park
It is situated in Bishnupur district and is an integral part of Loktak Lake. You can spot the Brow- antlered deer or sangai, also called as dancing deer which is Manipur’s endangered species. The park has many species of Aquatic flora and other fauna. it has a unique distinction of being a floating National Park.

It is a district of Manipur and the second largest town in state. The place is full of scenic beauty and cultural delight which can be observed through the lifestyle of the locals. There is boat riding facilities at Tipaimukh. The popular places to visit here are Ngaloi Falls, Tuibuong Tribal Museum, Tonglon Cave, and Khuga Dam.

It is a town situated in Thoubal district and is 44 km from Imphal. The fresh produce of the local markets with great variety attracts tourists. The Uyok Ching which is a garden is a popular spot here.

It is located 84 km from Imphal. Ukhrul is best known for its visual appeal. The elevated beauty of this place will just mesmerize you. If you are a nature fan, Ukhrul can’t be missed. The popular places to visit at Ukhrul are Khayang Peak, Shirui Kashung Peak, Kachouphung Lake, Khangkhui Cave, Shirui Kashung, Hundung Mangva Cave, Nillai Tea Estate, and Ango Ching.

It is a small town which is blessed with beauty in abundance. It is situated on a hill top which and comes down to Barak River. It is a land of virgin forests consisting of rare species of flora and fauna. The top tourist attractions here are seven waterfalls across Barak River, Tharon Cave, and many small lakes.

Dzuko Valley
It is located in the Senapati district of Manipur. The panoramic view of the valley will rejuvenate your senses as you take in the greenery. It is home to the unique and rare Dzuko Lily. The cold streams flowing through the valley make it a fantasy land for tourists.

Sadu Chiru Falls
It is 20 km from Imphal and is also known as Leimaram waterfalls. The white roaring waters make this place an apt tourist destination to capture in as a memorable experience.

Manipur celebrates many festivals which are a delight if you wish to participate. The most famous ones are Ningol Chakauba, Yaoshang, KUT, Gang Ngai, Chumpha, Cheiraoba, Kang, and Heikru Hitongba.

Foreigners  now need not obtain special permits to visit Manipur; however they must register with the registration office. The permit exemption does not apply to citizens of specified countries which include Pakistan, Bangladesh and China who need to take approval from Ministry of Home Affairs.


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