The Four Class-System (Chaturvarn Vyavastha) of Indian Society

જગતનો વા (Worldly Wosdom)

I happened to write on the above mentioned subject on Mr. Bhupendrasinh Raol’s Blog – Kurukshetra as a reply on one of his posts (“Manu-Smruti Adhyay 2/1”) and the same was published as an article on his Blog. This incident inspired me to enter into the world of bloggers. And as a gratitude towards my inspiration; I would like to publish the same article as my first article. The original article was published in my own language – Gujarati; but, I would like to translate the same here in English for its wider spread.

Article as it is –

I did not have a chance to study literatures like Manu-Smruti; but, I am interested to study so called cast system (or four-class system) prevailing in Indian (not ONLY in Hindus) society and I have some objections also against it.

I happened to travel many countries other than India and due…

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