Be the Reason for a smile: Birla Sun Life Launches #AChanceToFly Campaign

Most of us want to fly and fly high. Flying is the most liberating activity. All of us want the freedom to be carefree. We are extremely happy in that moment of carefreeness and when we are happy, only then can we spread happiness. Be liberated and, hence, be the reason to spread joy.

Everyone has dreams and goals that they want to achieve. Attainment of these life goals needs a smart planning. Smart planning helps us to fulfill our dreams and to achieve our life goals

 For some, a smart planning would be a good holiday trip that will help us ease out. It can even be something as similar to buying a new vehicle or fulfilling any of our wishes. Not everyone is as lucky or privileged as we are.  Hence, this new initiative by Birla Sun Life called “A Chance To Fly” is reaching out to those who might not have the opportunity. This initiative is a good one, and you should know everything about this initiative of Birla Sun Life and also participate in it.

 Bringing Happiness – A Goal of Birla Sun Life

 Birla Sun Life has got the goal of making people happy by making people’s life easier. It has gone a step further to spread this happiness to the underprivileged children, too.  #AChanceToFly campaign will be making children happy as Birla Sun Life is going to provide an opportunity to kids to take up the very special ‘Hot Air Balloon Ride’ and to cherish their magnificent smile. It is planning to make many children happy this time, and that’s why you should also try to become a part of #AChancetoFly campaign.

 How One Can Participate in #AChanceToFly Campaign?

 Birla Sun Life doesn’t want you to do anything special, but just ‘tweet’. Every tweet done by you will make the virtual balloon on the Birla Sun Life website move closer to taking off.  The whole idea is to spread goodwill and that’s why it wants many people to be a part of “AChanceToFly” campaign. So, every tweet counts.

  Fly High With Your Little One

 Not only kids, but even the participants of this campaign can stand a chance to glide on a hot air balloon. Only one lucky winner will be chosen and given the opportunity to go on a hot air balloon ride with the chosen kids.

 #AChanceToFly campaign is a part of Birla Sun Life’s aim of spreading joy and happiness and to see the smile on child’s lips. It is the perfect campaign as everyone wishes to see children smiling magnificently. Do let us know your thoughts about #AChanceToFly campaign. Spread the word by tweeting.

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