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blackberry urbanism

Originally posted on the urban geographer:
Field notes from Coast Salish//Cascadia/Lower Mainland, BC Along the Pacific Northwest coasts of Canada and the US, blackberries are growing everywhere. Come late Summer, there is endless bushes of free candy, available in total abundance.…

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Faizabad: First Capital of Awadh

Faizabad,  was called Fyzabad in the British period. The city was the first capital of is situated on the banks of river Ghaghra. River Ghaghra is also known as  Saryu River.It was also called Karnali. Faizabad was the first capital of … Continue reading

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Urban form shapes personal experiences: A comparison of parks in Denver and Boston

Originally posted on On the rapid urbanization of Asian cities and built environment in the U.S.:
When I lived in Denver, visiting city parks were a big part of my life – having picnics near the Pavilion at Cheesman,…

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Agriculture Started in West Asia 23,000 Years Ago?

Researchers believe agriculture was “invented” some 10-12,000 years ago in the Cradle of Civilization — Iraq, the Levant, parts of Turkey and Iran — an area that was home to some of the earliest known human civilizations. A new discovery … Continue reading

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