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Originally posted on UNREDACTED:
By  Eamon Eriksen The next time you request documents for declassification, it is likely your submission will be processed by a private contractor, not a government employee. The privatization of the FOIA process has proliferated in…

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Originally posted on Open Geography:
Derek Gregory has a new post about counterinsurgency (COIN) and the cultural turn here. He makes some very good points about COIN and the academic response, as well as providing some useful references: When I…

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Synthetic Aperture Radar Using ‘Inflation’ Monitoring could Predict Volcanic Eruptions

The world’s deadliest and largest volcanic eruptions happen in Indonesia. Future eruptions in this jungle-filled region could be better predicted by using satellite radar to detect swelling magma near the summit of those volcanoes, a new study suggests. To search … Continue reading

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