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Nation State:Fundamental Unit of Political Power

Nationalism is, on the whole, seen as a bad thing, but the nation state is the fundamental unit of political power in the world so it’s worth examining some of the issues with it.   The nation state is a … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Viv's Academic Blog:
A blog post yesterday on the Thesis Whisperer website argued strongly against PhD students writing from day one, as is advocated by at least some lecturers and supervisors. This proved to be quite…

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The High Ground: Sacred Natural Sites, Bio-cultural Diversity and Climate Change in the Eastern Himalayas

Originally posted on Environmental & Energy Valuation News:
World Wildlife Fund http://bit.ly/SVLlnc The High Ground: Sacred natural sites, bio-cultural diversity and climate change in the Eastern Himalayas, examines how sacred places, beliefs and practices in the Himalayas can aid efforts…

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Widespread coral decline linked with onshore activities

Originally posted on Summit County Citizens Voice:
Australian study shows how branching corals suddenly declined and failed to recover during Queensland settlement and development era Acropora coral at French Frigate Shoals, northwestern Hawaiian Islands. Photo courtesy NOAA. By Summit Voice…

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