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Ten Years of the Biological Diversity Act In India:The Indifference

Ten years after introducing a Biodiversity Act, India is yet to put it to serious use although several large “development” projects have invited controversy for their likely impact on biodiversity,according to an article puplished in EPW. A National Biodiversity Authority … Continue reading

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Originally posted on 1001 Scribbles:
There are few things you can use to produce impact in your image making exploits that are more powerful than the concept of contrast.  Contrast is such a naturally provocative element that it can produce strong…

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Originally posted on Open Geography:
Wen Stephenson’s piece in the Phoenix is getting a lot of attention right now. Stephenson argues that there is a massive culture of shirking going on about global climate change–among journalists. He argues, very passionately,…

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Originally posted on Architecture Social Club:
This series of hand drawings by Bartlett School of Architecture graduate Ned Scott presents a science-fiction world in which London grows a jungle of crops for fuel and food next to Buckingham Palace. Above: The Mall   The…

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