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Turning Waste In Wealth (Energy)

We constantly turn wealth to waste. Now it is threatening the sustainability of our planet , our race. It  is high time we reverse this process. TERI’s enhanced acidification and methanation technology is a great leap forward in this direction. … Continue reading

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10 Sites That Monitor Space

Guest Post  by Melanie Slaugh You no longer need to travel to observatories to see what is being seen through those huge telescopes. Through the internet, we have access to glimpses of the stars that we could never see with … Continue reading

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Guest Post:10 Great Sites for Satellite Maps

Guest Post by Josephine Chadwick If you’re planning a road trip, checking the weather, or just looking for bird’s-eye view photography, there are some excellent internet sources for just what you need. The following are 10 great sites for satellite … Continue reading

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Earliest Minerals Krotite Formed in Solar System Discovered

 In the May-June issue of the journal American Mineralogist, a team of scientists announced the discovery of the new mineral krotite, one of the earliest minerals formed in our solar system. It is the main component of an unusual inclusion embedded … Continue reading

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